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What is two-photon polymerization?

September 2, 2021

What is two-photon polymerization?Two - photon polymerization is a photopolymerization process induced by two - photon absorption.Two-photon absorption refers to the process in which a molecule of a substance absorbs two photons at the same time, which can only occur under the action of strong laser. It is a phenomenon of interaction between light and substance under the action of strong laser and belongs to the third-order nonlinear effect.


The two-photon absorption occurs mainly at the focal point of the super-strong laser generated by the pulsed laser. The laser intensity in other parts of the optical path is not enough to produce the two-photon absorption, and the corresponding single-photon process cannot occur due to the longer wavelength and lower energy of the light. Therefore, the two-photon process has good spatial selectivity.


Two-photon polymerization, which utilizes the characteristics of good material penetration and high spatial selectivity of two-photon absorption process, has great application prospects in 3d micro-processing, high-density optical storage and biomedical fields. In recent years, two-photon polymerization has become a hot research topic in the global high-tech field.