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Optical Injection Molding

After years of development, vstar has rich experience in optical design and perfect processing technology means and quality management system

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quality Optical Injection Molding Service
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Optical Injection Molding

  • LED Street lights

    quality Optical Injection Molding Service

    Design / Custom Made OEM / ODM Ø95 Diameter LED Street lights Long Front Cover Colorless PC

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We provide tailor-maid optical products services to our customers,specializing in the manufacture of precision optical components more than ten years experience in optical products manufacturing.


Vstar Optic company is a combination of production and trade,industry and trade integration business.We provide OEM and also ODM for customrs.

Our high precision injection machines are Japanese Fanuc and Sumitomo electric optical injection machines ranging from 30MT,50MT to 100MT.


Design and manufacture micron standard optical precision mold and mold parts/inserts.Mold types are varied from LED lens,Electronic products, precision connector, plastic injection tooling,all precision non-standard mold manufacturing.

We also design,R&D,production,marketing and one-stop service.


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Our services cover all industries and reach all parts of the world.We can make all kinds of products for you according to your design.