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What is optical cold working

October 25, 2021

Optical instrument manufacturing is an ancient engineering technology, such as the telescope and microscope, camera, all kinds of optical components in optical instrument (lens, prism, etc.) in the process of machining, reflect does not produce high temperature and high temperature or high temperature phenomenon, and can achieve the processing effect of high temperature hot working, is called "optical cold working.


The main processes of optical cold processing are: pressing, cutting, milling, fine grinding, polishing, edge grinding, joint, coating and so on.The downstream end products of the industry include digital cameras, camera phones, scanners, projectors, rear projection TELEVISIONS, DVD players, bar code readers and other optical instruments and photoelectric digital products.Optical cold processing mainly processes optical lenses for its downstream products, which are divided into glass and plastic in terms of materials.Glass lenses are divided into plane mirrors and lenses. Plane mirrors include flat glass and prism, while lens includes spherical mirrors and aspherical mirrors.At present, the aspherical mirror processing of domestic enterprises is still in its infancy, and the glass spherical mirror is still the mainstream product.